Web Reviews: Google Tools You Can Use

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Excerpts from my August 2008 quarterly "Web Reviews" Column:
"Don't be Evil:" Google Tools Libraries can Use (August 2008). SciTech News. 62 (3), p32-35.

With Google, you already search the web, share photos/movies/music, map directions and discover new things...but there are some tools you may have missed. This web search engine is on a mission to "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible." So let's explore the new tools and technology that pair Google-efficient tools with library-quality results to weave together a rich information web that goes beyond just the World Wide Web. We'll look at tools located in the ā€œMoreā€? tab at the top of every Google search page, such as, Google Docs, RSS Reader, Google Scholar, and iGoogle Research Gadgets that will help you access, evaluate, and share information in an easy collaborate environment.
Download Full text or try the reviewed sites for yourself (Recommended in bold):

ā€œVirtual Referenceā€?

1-800-GOOG-411 Text GOOGLE Email Alerts RSS and Gagets

ā€œThe OPACā€?

Books + OCLC Scholar Patents

ā€œLibrary Onlineā€?

Docs Notebook

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