APS Gives Harvard Fac Open Access Publication Rights

An agreement between the Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication and the American Physical Society (APS) was announced in April that would "facilitate faculty compliance with the University's open access policies when Harvard faculty members publish in the APS journals, comprising Physical Review, Physical Review Letters, and Reviews of Modern Physics" according to a joint press release.

Therefore APS acknowledges the open access license and allows all Harvard authors the right to post the published version of their article online or in the university's institutional repository without additional permission from APS.

If you are interested in posting your APS article to the UMN's digital conservancy, please let me know. The UMN libraries have our very own University Digital Conservancy where any UMN affiliate may deposit their peer-reviewed article with proper consent from the publisher. Doing so will make your work more visible in search engines like Google and Google Scholar and also allow anyone to download and read the official version for free.

Take a look at the UDC guidelines here.

A list of "green" publishers that have also agreed to allow published pdf's be made open access is available on the Sci-Eng library's web page for publishing. These include APS, AIP, AAS, and IEEE.