New "Portal to the Universe" web site added to Library site

I just added the newly released web site "Portal to the Universe" to the library's Astronomy subject page. The site collects news, blogs, and web-based astronomy tools into one platform. Let me know what you think.

The Portal to the Universe can be accessed at

Background info:
Released during the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science
(JENAM 2009), taking place this week at the University of
Hertfordshire, UK, the Portal to the Universe website has been eagerly
anticipated by journalists, science communicators, scientists,
educators and members of the general public alike. The Portal to the
Universe provides a global portal for online astronomy content,
serving as an index and aggregator.

The site itself features news, blogs, video podcasts, audio podcasts,
images, videos and more. Web 2.0 collaborative tools, such as the
ranking of different services according to popularity, help the user
to sift constructively through the wealth of information available and
will promote interactions within the astronomy multimedia community. A
range of "widgets" (small applications) have also been developed to
tap into all sorts of existing "live data", such as near-live pictures
of the Sun, live positions of spacecraft or live observations from