Web Review: Science and Technology Video Sites

Excerpts from my May 2009 quarterly "Web Reviews" Column: Open Science: Caught on Tape...SciTech Video Sites (May 2009). SciTech News. 64 (2).

Earlier this year Bora Zivkovic, a science blogger from "A Blog Around the Clock," gave the keynote presentation (1) on open science as part of a panel discussion at Columbia University. The talk titled "Open Science: Good for Research, Good for Researchers?" gave a historical overview of the transition of scientific communication, from print to online and where this evolution is headed. The next phase, Zickovic explains, encompasses real-time scientific discovery as the scientific communication process moves away from journals toward sharable scientific ideas. Open science might include pre-prints, open notebook science, and, increasingly, video. Video, in particular, allows sharing, not just the results, but the entire scientific process, allowing people to replicate and learn techniques more effectively than through traditional communication. Open science is, in short, fast, free and effective.

(1) You can see the video from Zivkovic's talk at http://scholcomm.columbia.edu/past-events.

Download the full pre-print or try these website that specialize in scientific video sharing:

SciVee, http://www.scivee.tv

Research Channel, http://www.researchchannel.org

You Tube Science & Technology Channel, http://www.youtube.com

FORA.tv, http://fora.tv

ScienceHack, http://sciencehack.com

Science & Technology Media Sites

Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), http://www.myjove.com

Open Culture, http://www.oculture.com

Big Think, http://bigthink.com

Lab Action, http://www.labaction.com

Cool Online Tools to help you create and find Videos!

  • http://jaycut.com Quickly upload and edit up to 15 minutes of video online.
  • http://animoto.com/ Converts your images and music them into a dynamic video.
  • http://labs.google.com/gaudi not yet complete, Google Labs have indexed a selection of videos by voice recognition. If successful, all videos will be as searchable by the content (spoken words) as text.
  • http://12seconds.tv/home Twitter for your video life. Record 12-sec broadcasts about your day then post to your twitter feed.
  • http://www.flixwagon.com/ YouTube like social interface for posting video from your mobile phone.