Drop-in hours are now available for the Peer Research Consultants!

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Peer Research Consultants: one-on-one support for library research now available for students

Drop-in hours are now available for the Peer Research Consultants!  Students can sit down and get personalized help with writing papers, selecting their topics, and doing library research....one-on-one from their own peers. The PRCs are extensively trained on Library and academic literature research.

Please encourage students to stop by our walk-in hours at 4 locations (Walter Library, Wilson Library, Appleby Hall, Magrath Library).  We have openings and our consultants are available Monday through Friday.  For more information visit: http://www.lib.umn.edu/services/prc.

Check the schedule for exact times and locations.

What do students have to say about the PRCs?

  • "She was very helpful when I was looking for specific information on the library website. She explained the website very well and gave excellent tips!"
  • "He was very helpful in  helping me figure out what I wanted to write my paper on and where I could find the sources. Afterwards I was able to understand my paper."
  • "Approachable advising that assisted me with furthering my research goals; very useful."

What do instructors have to say about the PRCs?

  • "...one of my students came in raving about his experience with the peer research consultants....Since then a couple more students have made visits and in their emails to me, I see that their research focus is improving. This is a great service!"

This program was developed in partnership with the University Libraries, MCAE: Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence and the SMART Learning Commons.  If you are interested in print fliers or posters (here is one you can download: https://netfiles.umn.edu/xythoswfs/webui/_xy-16869565_1), please contact Jody Gray (grayjl@umn.edu) or Kate Peterson (katep@umn.edu) for more information or to request a
 5-minute "class visit to talk about this program in your course.

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