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Reporters need to be prepared when conducting interviews. Below, students share their thoughts on the issues that will be relevant when conducting their interviews for the Hard News 1 Assignment.

Hard News 1 Assignment: Election for Governor

For the Hard News Reporting 1 Assignment, students are working in teams of 1-2 and going out into the community to interview Duluth citizens about who they plan to vote for in the upcoming election for Minnesota governor, and the issues that the voters believe are the most important.

Laurie Hertzel: The world of journalism


"What do editors do?" This is the question Laurie Hertzel asked the class to begin her presentation on Friday (September 17). Multiple answers were given, but they all boiled down to just one thing: editors take what reporters have and shape it into a story. With 15 years of editing under her belt, Laurie was able to give plenty of advice to the class of aspiring writers. As I listened in, I realized there is a lot more to the world of journalism than meets the eye.


The presentation was started by the director of LSBE who gave a welcome message and introduced the speakers. The speakers were Marty Weintraub, owner and principal of aimClear and Manny Rivas, Associate CEO and Account Manager of aimClear. aimClear is an internet focused advertising agency which is based in Duluth, MN but has a national market.

The work of editors in the newsroom


Laurie Hertzel, a former reporter for the Duluth News-Tribune, gave a short talk to journalism students at the University of Minnesota Duluth on September 17, 2010. I feel that I learned a great deal about journalism during this lecture because Hertzel took everything that I was taught in my journalism classes and during my summer internship and made all of the information apply to an actual career in writing. Hertzel began her journalistic career working at the Duluth News Tribune as a clerk, and she soon proved that by hard work and dedication, one can advance their career. Eventually, Hertzel was reporting at the Duluth News Tribune, and she then moved to the Star Tribune to begin her career as an editor. Currently, Hertzel continues to write columns, magazine articles, and books. As an individual with vast experience in reporting and editing both magazines and books, Hertzel serves as an inspiration to emerging journalists.

Welcome to Jour 2001!

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