Questions/issues for stories about governor's election


Reporters need to be prepared when conducting interviews. Below, students share their thoughts on the issues that will be relevant when conducting their interviews for the Hard News 1 Assignment.


1). Do you know who is running for governor this fall?
2). Do you vote for a specific party, and why?
3). What issues influence your vote?
4). Are you registered to vote?

1. The state deficit.
2. Public school education
3. Health Care
4. Govt. employees' budget/benefits

Julie, Annelyse, Ann, and Jillian

Interviewees thoughts on:
-Education funding for K-12 and higher education
-State budget
-Availability of jobs and employment
-More opportunities for environmental protection
-Taxing the wealthy more?
-Affordability of health care
-Social security

1. Who has a better strategy for creating jobs in Minnesota? Why?

2. What are you thoughts on giving more money to k-12 education?

3. Do you think Minnesota voters should be able to vote on same-sex marriage?

4. Do you think there should be tax raises, cuts, or neither for higher income families?

Holly, Jarred, Emily, & Tom

-economy (jobs, sustainability, clean energy)

1) When it comes to the candidates, is affiliation important to people?

2) Are you more likely to vote for Sen. Mark Dayton because his running mate is Yvonne Prettner from Duluth?

3)Do you feel like your profession has an impact on your issues?

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