Alternatives to road salt suggested to councilors


A major issue brought up by Councilor Kerry Gauthier at Monday's City Council meeting was the contract with Morton International and the cost of salt being used in Duluth's streets this winter is estimated at $772,808.85.

Lisa Sellner, a concerned citizen, spoke to the council; "As a concerned citizen and researcher, I have found that there are better ways to keep the streets of Duluth safe instead of using hundreds of thousands of dollars in salt," Sellner said. "First you can plow, move the snow to the side, and then use a little bit of salt because the amount we are using is affecting the trout streams here in Duluth."

The City Council acknowledged Sellner's concern for the remaining trout left in the streams by agreeing to find more efficient ways to not only using less salt, but making the streets safer for drivers in the winter months.

After hearing from Sulner, the council agreed unanimously to not raise the price or change the contract with Morton International and keep prices at the current $722,808.85.

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