Anonymous comments lower ethical standards


If you have an opinion that you would like to share with people, why be afraid to put your name on it to let people know it's yours.

I completely agree with Professor Hatcher that there should be a law requiring all wed commenters to leave a name and contact information. People need to know who is commenting and giving out opinions on different things so that they can decide for themselves whether they believe the person is a credible source of information or not.

I agree that we are lowering our ethical standards by letting anyone say anything they want without putting their name next to it. It simply encourages people who only want to leave negative or harassing comments which can inflict harm and be extremely embarrassing.
People who have something to say but are not willing to acknowledge that they said it are cowards. As Professor Hatcher said; obscenity, defamation, and hate speech should not be allowed at all however, at the least the person making these comments should have to reveal themselves to the public.

If it is law that newspapers cannot print readers' opinions without naming the source, then why should it be any different for online newspapers?

As websites increase in popularity, many Americans will begin to claim them as their main way of getting news. We do not want to have anonymous slanderous and libelous comments on our respectable news websites, so we need to petition for a law to be made that is the same for websites and print newspapers.

We need a law that states that readers will not be able to post comments about news stories unless they leave their name and contact information, just as their opinions will not be published in editorials unless they provide sufficient information.

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