Being anonymous gives you freedom of speech


Anonymous comments are the reasons why America is considered free. Take away one small thing like this that restricts freedom and it goes into chaos. Besides, if this were to change anyway, people would find a way around it like usual.

What's the point to revealing anonymous sources anyway? You still won't recognize who it is even if you knew the name. You'd have to look up their name in order to even partially know who they are and what they're all about.

Being anonymous gives you freedom of speech over the internet and allows you to comment on whatever you want using whatever language you want. It wouldn't matter if the names were anonymous or not because the person would just leave to go to another sight if banded from it and leave the same comments on something different.

Why take away a freedom that wouldn't matter to begin with. It wouldn't even be very easy to change since the Internet can be used and accessed by everyone. The Internet is something that is not subjected to change and why should we start now?

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