Bloggers need identification to stand up for their beliefs


Should anonymous writes take responsibility for their posts? Professor John Hatcher thinks so.

The opinion Hatcher states, assistant professor of journalism at UMD, stated that "Knowing who I am helps you, the reader, decide if you want to spend time reading what I have to say whether you think I know what I'm talking about." Hatcher continues, "You want to know if I have credibility."

Anonymous bloggers can come onto the internet scene with no responsibility for the comments they make toward others. In a 2009 article called "Death threats spur release of web commenter's identity," gives an extreme example of how these, as Hatcher puts it anonymous posting open the door to defamation, obscenity and hateful speech, can lead to something as serious as death.

Should we have to be held accountable for our actions? Some don't think so with the mentality of "I do what I want," even if that means hurting someone's feelings publically. Instances on St. Scholastica's campus in Duluth there is an Iraqi student who got attacked with racial slurs and when a sex crime occurred on UMD's campus it opened gunfire to anyone and everyone's views on the issue.

People's opinions matter but is it really fair to let bloggers just have at it with defenseless victim? For example, the Iraqi student whose dignity as an American student was questioned didn't anything to receive those comments. I believe that people need to stand up for what they say instead of hiding behind the screen of a laptop.

Next time you blog, write an anatomous article or post anything publically, sit back and think about how it would feel to be in the opposing parties shoes.

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