Covering protests makes Josh Wolf a journalist


Former journalist and video reporter, Joshua Wolf, was a former journalist after being incarcerated for editing clips of a 2005 San Francisco protest event. Wolf served 226 days in Dublin, California for editing clips of the event and posting them on the internet for viewers everywhere.

On July 8, 2005 Wolf videotaped protestors in masks getting out of hand with local police. In the clip(s) Wolf recorded, a police officer could be seen choking a protestor. Other officers patrolling the event could be heard yelling threats at the protestors about using their stun guns if the protestors didn't retaliate. Later photographs, not developed by Wolf but Bay Area Indymedia user(s), showed an officer covered in blood, and injuries that resulted from the protestors.

Wolf had edited the clips and posted them on the Bay Area Indymedia website, which is open to anyone with access to the internet. Josh Wolf was a journalist because of his active role in covering protest events in California.

Members of the media and the Society for Professional Journalists agree that Wolf is no longer considered a professional journalist because of his editing and posting of the event. The FBI had to investigate the photos and videos and in later court, Wolf had to reprimand all cameras, recording devices, and pictures to the police regarding the July 8 riot.

Blogs can be found everywhere on the internet and consist of endless topics. Major events with topics and injuries such as the case Wolf documented, are considered new-worthy topics and for Wolf to tamper with such videos, is against the code of ethics for journalists. Blogs can helpful starts when looking for up-to-date buzz in the media. Blogs are also used for posted your own opinions and thoughts toward events and people. The information Wolf and other Bay Area internet bloggers posted on the Indymedia website were not appropriate for a blog of that sort.

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