Duluth resident sues city over water main repairs


When an elderly man entered the City Council meeting on Monday evening, there was one thing on his mind- filing a lawsuit against the City of Duluth.

Stanley Henrickson, an elderly Duluth resident, lives in a neighborhood with a water main that is positioned near his home. After the water main broke, the City of Duluth allegedly told Henrickson that they would cover up to 80 percent of the cost to fix the main. According to Henrickson, they did not live up to their end of the deal.

The supposed agreement stated that the city would reimburse Henrickson up to 80 percent of $5,000 after repairing the water main. However, Henrickson is still short $1,300 after the city failed to pay him.

During the City Council meeting, Henrickson presented the members of the council with a legal document claiming that he had filed a lawsuit against the city, and that they needed to respond in 20 days.

Henrickson exited in a dramatic fashion, and on the way he left the document with an attorney.

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