East Hillside residents want city to bring back stop lights


DULUTH, Minn. - Duluth citizens gave their input on Nov. 18 regarding the new stop lights and signs that will be added to streets surrounding the East Hillside neighborhoods. The citizens of Duluth believe that stoplights are a necessity in order to maintain a safe community. Accidents can be prevented by installing both lights and signs.

Safety concerns have caused the Duluth city councilors to address the city in using stop lights or signs on First through Fourth streets in the East Hillside and surrounding neighborhoods.

The streets have not had proper stop lights or signs in place and have been the cause of accidents and confusion. A citizen from the East Hillside resident, Theresa Freeman said that she has had to be very cautious when traveling in the area because of the missing signs. "I am more aware of my driving when I travel here because Duluth streets in general can be confusing," Freeman said.

Emily Harstad also lives in the Hillside area, and she thinks that adding signs will be a productive addition to the streets. "There is a stoplight covered up on Superior Street and it confuses me every time I drive through it,"Harstad said. "I'm nervous that a car will hit me when I pass through it."

President Jeff Anderson of Duluth City Council will be the one to propose the stop light contract. He was unavailable for comments.

Benjamin Gibbs feels that adding stoplights would be a good idea and that they are needed for protection and safety. He doesn't see any negative effects of putting them in. "Lights are needed at every street to ensure people's safety," he said.

"I would rather dish out a lot of money to the city to install the lights, rather than ending up in the hospital because I got into a car accident because of the lack of lights," Gibbs said.

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