Environmentally conscious citizen worried about salt use


At Monday's City Council meeting, a resolution concerning approval of a contract with Morton Salt passed after an environmentally conscious citizen presented the council with the harmful effects of using the salt on the roads.

Linda Sellner hoped to change the councilors' votes when it came to resolution 546, the resolution that would confirm the $772,808.85 contract with Morton Salt Inc. Sellner pleaded for the council to reconsider the amount being spent on salt, stating that it was too much salt for the environment to handle and that other options should be considered.

Unfortunately, her plea was not enough to change the minds of the councilors that did pass the resolution confirming the quarter of a million dollar contract.

"A U of M study said 70 percent of salt applied to streets is going directly into the environment," said Sellner.

She also pointed out that there are 43 streams running through Duluth. However, there aren't any trout left in them today due to the city's excessive use of salt that makes its ways into the streams.

"We need to plow first, then salt when necessary," said Sellner.

"The whole road maintenance team is working on this," said City Administrator David Montgomery, in response to Sellner's presentation.

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