Faribault Falcons top Northfield Raiders in football


NORTHFIELD, Minn.-The Faribault Falcons and Northfield Raiders football ended their season on Oct. 14, with the Falcons coming out on top with the final score at 14-8. "The difference between the first half and the second is that we wanted the ball more than they did," Coach Brian Cherwinka said.

The Falcons had an overall good season over the Raiders, winning two games out of six
while the Raiders won none. Both teams put up a good fight in the game. The Falcons had a good defense, according to the coaches, and team members of the Falcons and the Raiders had a pretty good offensive line.

The beginning of the game was slow, but picked up after the second half. With a couple of fumbles from both teams and no touchdowns for the Falcons in the first half, the teams wanted to play hard core.

Two touchdowns were made by Ryan Donkers in the second half and a 2-point conversion added more points to the board. The Raiders had one touchdown and a two point conversion in the first half helping them gain the lead first.

During the game, the Raiders had no injuries or serious ones at that, but the Falcons had six. The injuries included hurt ribs, elbow, and an arm while the others were a leg injury and a knee injury. None of the injuries were fatal or too serious.

Only one player named Nicholas Kanppel was unable to play for the rest of the game due to his knee injury. He thought that the game was going well while they were winning. "We just need to figure out all the glitches," he said.

The game had no laid out strategies for either teams. They both stuck to hand offs and short passes while trying to find a place to run. The Raiders tried to do a couple long drives down the field, but it always ended up in incomplete.

The Falcons saw that the long passes didn't work too well and stayed with hand offs and small passes. The two touchdowns received by them were made by this strategy because the Raiders made an opening for a player to run through and in for the touchdown.

At the end of the game, the coaches said some last words to the team in their final huddle.

"We just need to get tougher," Coach Craig Keilen said, already thinking about next year and giving the team some advice. The coaches, team members, and parents were proud and happy to see the Falcons win their last game.

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