Finding, sharing stories makes Wolf a journalist


I believe that Josh Wolf is a journalist. You do not need any formal training to report an important event in the world. Wolf is considered a video blogger, which requires him to record videos and post them on his weblog. He took his camera out into the field and was able to record an important occurrence, which many people quickly became interested in. Wolf posted his video on the web, and it became news instantly. Some critics may say that Wolf is strictly a blogger, and there is no journalism or news reporting involved. I would disagree with these said critics. Journalism is about getting out there and finding a story and then presenting it to the world. Wolf did exactly that, he took the initiative to go out in the middle of a dangerous protest to get a story. He got his story, and posted it for the world to see, he did exactly what journalists do, but instead of writing about it, he let his video tell the story.

There were mixed responses from the mainstream media. Some admired Wolf's fight for the right to keep his footage, whereas others thought of it as pure stupidity. I personally thought it was brave that he spent over 200 days in jail, and was willing to fight for his right to keep his videotapes. This was not something that he had to do; he could have avoided it all together by simply handing over the footage.

The members of the Society for Professional Journalists were ecstatic about Wolf's decision to withhold his tapes from the FBI. To show their admiration for Wolf, they awarded him with Journalist of the Year "for upholding the principles of a free and independent press." Wolf was the only person to be jailed for his work in 2006, which made him somewhat of a celebrity. He took a risk, and was rewarded for it by the journalism world.

I do not believe that blogs are an important source of the news. As discussed in the book, blogs are updated all the time, and they are about getting the news out on the web as fast as possible. Since the bloggers are racing against the fellow web bloggers, they do not edit their work as carefully, and as a result, their stories include slang, improper grammar, and many errors. Additionally, even though they may have gotten the reward of having their story on the blog first, they may be missing key details in the story, which can have an effect on the way the story is perceived by the readers.

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