Getting the truth out means Josh Wolf a journalist


Josh Wolf, which describes himself a journalist, wants to get the truth out there. Wolf was prison for his video footage of an anti-G8 summit protest in San Francisco in July 2005. The Federal government wanted the footage because it could have shown a police car being set on fire and other crimes during the protest. In addition, the protest caused an officer to be assaulted with a pipe. Wolf went to jail for almost eight months for refusing to give the government his video footage and testifying in front of a grand jury. The Federal believed they had every right to the footage considering Wolf even let local news stations use his footage.
Wolf was questioned whether he was an actual journalist. The government questioned Wolf as a journalist because he does not actually fit the definition. I believe the point of a journalist is to get the truth out, without being bias. He does not work for a formal news organization, but he does have a blog, where he puts videos and articles up. Wolf believes that a blog is a viable media in journalism if it gives actually news that is creditable and unbiased. In my opinion, I believe anyone that tries to get the truth out, no matter what the consequence, is a journalist.

When journalists all over the United States found out about Wolf's case, they thought he was just trying to get attention for his video footage. At first, no one really was behind him. The argument was the credibility of Wolf's arguments said Debra Saunders, because of his lack of privacy of those he had filmed. Finally, the mainstream media believed what he was doing was not for attention, but for his freedom as an independent/video journalist. Even, the Society for Professional Journalists gave Wolf the award for journalist of the year for "upholding the principles of a free and independent press." I believe what he did was brilliant, not just his for fight for his rights, but for all journalists rights in the world.

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