Government had a right to Josh Wolf footage


While I understand that Wolf didn't hand over his footage of the demonstration in San Francisco because he wanted to stand up for his rights as a journalist, I believe that since there could have been evidence of crime he should have given the government his footage. If there wasn't a concern of crime on the video, Wolf would have been in the right.

Many people supported Wolf. The society of Professional Journalists awarded him with a Journalist of the Year award. The Rise Up Network Legal Fund also supported Wolf. They held a benefit to help free him and the media in 2006.

Some would say that a blog is not a legitimate news source because it has no connection to a legitimate news publication. But what, exactly, is a legitimate news publication? I believe that it is up to the reader to decide whether or not what they are reading is reliable. It is a great skill to be able to research current events and determine on your own their validity, rather than blindly following a news publication.

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