Having a blog does not mean that Josh Wolf a journalist


In my opinion I do not think Josh Wolf is a journalist. He had a blog and that is all. It states opinions more than news and he was not affiliated with any syndicated news outlet. He is a journalist in the sense that he wants to show the public events of certain things, but the view is slanted to get the right affect out of the crowd.

Judith Miller, another journalist who in the past has been jailed for not giving up information on one of her stories, is on the side of Josh Wolf. Wolf's mother also thinks he is doing the right thing. Others in the public may be a little bit more against him. Miller thinks that journalist should be scared by the fact that they can be jailed so easily.

The members of the Society for Professional Journalists believe Wolf to be an actual journalist. He is upholding the principles of a free and independent press that journalist stand for. This is one of the reasons I think he qualifies as a journalist. In some ways he does and in some ways he doesn't.

He was a blog writer. He was going to journalism school, but when you don't actually have a job as a journalist it's hard to call him a journalist. This is also because blogs are more opinion than fact or news story so it makes things look slanted in the way the writer wants it to look.

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