If you're going to say it, be bold enough to take credit


I agree with John Hatcher, and I believe that people should not be able to remain anonymous with their comments and opinions. If you're going to be bold enough to say it, be bold enough to take credit for it.

There is too much negativity and unnecessary hatred going on with people's postings and I think it is useless. I agree with Hatcher when he says it is cowardly to remain anonymous. Choosing to comment on things anonymously gives people the power to write outrageous things that they wouldn't have the guts to write if their name was attached to it.

It's insufficient to attack someone and I believe that comments should constructively criticize the issues and not the person. There is nothing good that can come out of viciously attacking someone with words. If people were held responsible for their comments, I believe the hatred and anger would be minimized.

Also, the legal issue involving anonymity has become much greater. It's beneficial to make people give their name and credentials so that legal action can take place if need be.
Peer pressure should not be an excuse as to why websites are allowing anonymous comments.
Yes, maybe you will lose popularity among other websites by forcing people to give their name, but it is worth it. The websites should be held accountable for the comments that are left on them even though Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act frees them from it.
If you are courageous enough to share your opinions and comments, than you should be courageous enough to post your name to them. It would lessen the exchange of anger, and mean comments and promote more useful and productive arguments.

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