It's simple: Josh Wolf a journalist because he reports


Josh Wolf is a journalist because he reports news, plain and simple. You don't need a journalism degree to be a journalist just as you don't need a writing degree to be a writer. Wolf recognizes himself as a transparent journalist in that his biases are on the table, unlike mainstream media. It is impossible to remain truly unbiased, a criticism of Walter Cronkite by Pat Buchanan.

A blog is a source of news, however it is not necessarily a credible one because there are no standards. Much like the Weekly World News reporting "bat boy", a blog is perpetrated to be factual but in reality, is not a credible source of news. Some information can be true though. There are always two sides to a story, and though mainstream media claims to tell the un-biased truth, it is simple not possible. Jon Stewart makes a lot of money pointing out how Fox news "spins" stories, by telling it's viewers only one side of the story under the guise of being "fair and balanced". Though it is easy to pick on Fox, all news casts do this, especially when deciding what stories to investigate and which ones not to.

Members of the Society for Professional Journalists are dedicated to improving and protecting journalism and supported Wolf. This society is interested in protecting the First Amendment. Wolf was unjustly imprisoned. He did not slander anyone with his free speech nor did he withhold information that would lead to harm to others. I believe that because his case was ultimately dropped, the government realized that Wolf was not guilty.

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