Johnson Bros. Furniture closing after retirement sale


The windows of Johnson's Bros. Furniture in West End are covered with signs announcing impending retirement of the owners, not to mention sales on everything in the store.

"We've been in business for fifty-some years," said employee Paulette. The store was so busy it was impossible to get time to talk to the owners directly.

The sales signs have been up for over a month now, leaving people to wonder just how much time they have left. One shopper, Christina Johnson, a student at UMD, said she had no idea when they were closing, but she wanted to make sure she got her new bed before they were gone. The piles lining a corner of the store suggested she still had some time, but, with wind of the sale catching on, maybe not.

"I'm not actually sure how much longer we'll stay open," Paulette said, and hinted it may last until the inventory is gone. With everything in the store 40 to 70 percent off, along with the number of people taking advantage of the sale, it's hard to imagine that will take too long.

Johnson's Bros. Furniture is still maintaining its normal hours -- 10-7 Monday thru Friday, 10-6 Saturdays and 11-5 Sundays -- though Paulette suggested that may change in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Johnson and her sister, Andrea, strapped a new mattress, 50 percent off, to the hood of their car, as Andrea half-joked that they might just have to do this again.

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