Josh Wolf dedication to journalism doesn't cease


After capturing chilling video of a police officer choking a protester in 2005, Josh Wolf was sent to jail for not giving up the footage, and even after that, his dedication to journalism doesn't cease.

Wolf set himself apart from many journalists to begin with, describing himself as a video blogger, which some may question the legitimacy of. Wolf feels that blogging is as legitimate as any other medium of news, saying it's "an electronic medium where you control what goes on there without an editor or an organization that has to pay for the infrastructure to get that word out there."

As much as the credibility of blogging has been questioned, so has Wolf's credibility as a journalist. He isn't a typical journalist by any means, with his focus being mostly on video blogging, but by serving a term of 226 days in the Federal Correction Institution in Dublin, California, Wolf became the first journalist to spend that much time in jail for declining to turn in sources or material.

Mainstream media has had varying opinions on Wolf, with some praising him and some being a bit harsh. In 2006, The Society of Professional Journalists, one of the oldest organizations representing journalists in America, gave Wolf the Journalist of the Year Award, because they thought he did a nice job upholding the free and independent press aspects of journalism. On the other hand, syndicated columnist Debra Saunders criticized Wolf's arguments about the whole video scandal.

All of the criticism hasn't gotten Wolf down, and, if anything, has made him more determined to keep on keeping on with journalism. Wolf is currently working on a degree in journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, and feels that the more the critics critique, the more drive he has, stating, "If the haters who said I wasn't a real journalist are still lurking, I hope you don't have too much indigestion after eating your words."

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