Josh Wolf videotape belongs to San Francisco police


An American journalist named Josh Wolf was put into prison for 226 days. Aug. 1, 2006 was his first day in prison and then he was released Sept. 1 due to bail, but the bail was revoked and he was back on Sept. 22. After spending the time in jail, he was finally released on April 3, 2007.

The Society of Professional Journalists awarded Wolf with Journalist of the Year "for upholding the principles of a free and independent press." Other journalism groups thought of Wolf to have an upholding deed that they were proud of. Others, such as the Media, did not have the same response.

The credibility of Wolf's arguments weren't enough for the Media's legitimacy of federal involvement. However, Wolf said that the government wanted the video tapes for something more than just evidence of the accident. He thought they wanted it to suppress American journalism and gain people's identities to go against them.

This is so stupid that it shouldn't even matter. Josh Wolf was able to withhold the records of a protest and was jailed for it. Sure, that was a good move on both sides, but I don't think that so much ruckus should be given to a simple video tape. It should have been turned over to the San Francisco police and left at that since they were the ones to act upon the protest in the first place. The government shouldn't need evidence like this or should even fight for it for whatever reason they truly wanted it for. It belongs to the police of San Francisco and should remain with them on their record. No one else's.

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