Josh Wolf's work defines him as a journalist


I thought that Josh Wolf's story was a very interesting one in that he went to jail for a video tape that he would not give up to authorities although, according to him it had no incriminating evidence on it.

I believe that Josh Wolf is a journalist because as the definition of a journalist goes, he is someone who writes and edits, and aims to show his work to a mass audience. He mostly is a videographer, which I suppose is less like a journalist because it is not only writing, it is video blogging with stories or comments to accompany the pieces.

The Society for Professional Journalists viewed Wolf as a real journalist after his ordeal with the courts, and even awarded him a Journalist of the Year award for "upholding the principles of free and independent press." However, not all mainstream media was happy with his decisions and some people attacked the credibility of Wolf's arguments.

As far as blogs go, I believe that some can be an interesting source for news, but most blogs that I have seen are blatantly biased and blinded by opinion. That is also what makes them fun to read sometimes though, in order to get a very strong opinion about one end of the spectrum of an issue. However, if I wanted to know what happened objectively and reliably I would look in the newspaper or watch the news on TV.

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