Journalist outlines U.S. relationship with Egypt


When I heard what the title of the speaker's presentation was, Democracy Promotion in the Middle East, I had an idea in my head as to what she would be talking about. Then she started talking about Egypt, which is not the country I guessed she would. This presentation really gave me some good background and basic information on the relationships Egypt has. She had a lot more to say than basic information, but some of the issues she was talking about did not grab my attention

I honestly did not know that there was a significant relationship between Egypt and the United States. This whole presentation was a kind of eye opener to me that there are more problems than what are portrayed. I do not agree with Kristen Chick though on the fact that Egypt should be the number one country that the US is concerned with.
A very interesting point that Chick made was that between former president George W. Bush and current president Barack Obama, the Egyptians preferred Bush. Chick seemed disgusted by this fact, which I would like to point out, but tried to cover it up. This was such an interesting point to me because not a lot of people like or support Bush, especially foreigners.

Chick then explained why democracy did not work fully, because when it was tried in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood came out ahead in the elections. The US then got worried because of past examples of "failed" democracy, like Turkey. Chick explained how democracy was spread to that country but then the policies started to diverge from what the US wanted.

Chick then finished up with a question session, which involved questions relating to Egypt and also her journalism experience with Christian Science Monitor and her travels. This was an overall interesting presentation with a lot of information (and it didn't hurt that there was food provided at the end).

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