Lady Bulldogs top Northern State in soccer


DULUTH, Minn. - The lady Bulldogs soccer beat Northern State on Oct. 10 with a final score of 1-0, making their record 7-3-2.

Reegan Lloyd, a junior defender for the Bulldogs said she felt that the game went well, although there were a few things she would have liked to go differently. Small touches and missed opportunities to win the ball were a few changes she would have made but she is happy to get a win.

"Our forward #24- Heidi Peltari got injured in our game on Saturday against University of Mary," said Lloyd. "We aren't sure of the extent of her injury, but we could use her on the field. She is a player that goes hard to every ball and never stops, and that will cause defenders on the other team to make mistakes. Ultimately, that gives us an opportunity to capitalize on those mistakes and put the ball in the net."

The one and only goal that the Bulldog's scored was on a corner kick at 11:25 of the first half. Maria Leider headed the ball into the net, assisted by Ashley Brown. The crowd of 153 went wild and fans cheered with their cow bells and whistles to show their support and excitement for the goal.

Freshman Emily Jenson watched film on previous games Northern State played so that she could figure out the strengths and weaknesses the team possessed before she had to play them. There were certain set plays that Northern State used that Jenson had to prepare for.
Receiving a win against Northern State allowed the Bulldogs to keep the number one spot in the conference, and allowed them to gain more points.

The Bulldogs almost doubled Northern State with shots on net totaling nine, and Northern state at five. Northern State's goalie, Dee Wood, made a total of six saves, and UMD's goalie, Hannah Bengston made a total of three saves.

To keep the Bulldog ladies at the top of their game, they meet five times a week to practice, and in addition to practicing, they meet with their conditioning coach three times a week to lift weights and to do injury prevention exercises.

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