Legitimate source makes blogs credible


Josh Wolf is a journalist who was a video activist for several different protests and events. He refused to give up some footage he shot of a protest on July 8, 2005in San Francisco that caused a police officer to be injured. The judge sent him a subpoena to give up the footage and Wolf refused to comply. He remained in jail for 226 days. That's the longest a journalist has been held in jail for refusing to give up sources.

At first the media did not want to help Wolf because they thought it was for attention and nothing would come out of it. Then the media, along with The Rise Up Network Legal Fund realized it was real and had a harsh consequence so they held a benefit to help free Wolf. The Society for Professional Journalists gave Wolf a Journalist of the Year Award in 2006 "for upholding the principles of a free and independent press." Some people felt he was a legitimate journalists, and some disagreed.

A blog is a legitimate source of news if the blogger is credible. If the author of the blog does proper research and has credible sources, than the blog should be considered as anacceptable source of news.

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