Online posts do not make Josh Wolf a journalist


After reading through the materials and information on Josh Wolf, I would have to say that he should not be considered a journalist. To call him a journalist would be saying that anyone who posts pictures, video, or information on the internet is a journalist. This then could mean that anyone who has a Facebook page or Twitter account could be considered a journalist, which is not true. On the Wikipedia page, it said that Wolf is currently attending journalism school at UC Berkeley. This shows that he wants to get accredited as a legitimate journalist and wants the title too.

The mainstream media may be biased, which Wolf strongly believes and actually encourages, but that should not surprise anyone. Like anything in life, viewers have to use their common sense as to what they should believe. It will be this way forever, so it is up to the viewers to have a good head on their shoulders when listening, reading, or watching.

The Society for Professional Journalists' main goal is to protect the rights of the First Amendment. They also encourage ethical standards in journalism. From what I read about them, the Society for Professional Journalists try to be the forerunners in what is new and cutting edge in the journalism world.

I would not consider a blog to be a legitimate source of news. The anonymity of blogs and the credibility is hard to swallow when reading through it all. A lot of times there is no way to tell who is actually writing something or what their background is, which is important when analyzing a journalist.

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