Opportunities available for journalists abroad


Kristen Chick, a freelance journalist who resides in Egypt, spoke at UMD last Wednesday. She discussed what the job market is like for journalists, what she her job is, and advice for inspiring journalists.

Kristen said that although the job market right now is in a difficult spot, there is some good news; with the decline of the U.S journalism industry, a lot of jobs have opened up for journalists abroad. A world of opportunities have opened up for people who are younger and cheaper.

A lot of businesses are more inclined to hire young people to work abroad because young journalists don't get paid much to begin with. Chick thinks it is a good idea. "You can really do a lot, and I think it's something people should consider." said chick.

Chick also discussed skills that you should develop as journalist (in the U.S or abroad). You should practice writing really good pitches because it is the one thing that will get you a story. If writing a pitch from abroad, you need to consider why someone in the U.S would want to read that story.

The most important thing to do is to expand your skills and make connections. When asked if it is important to major in journalism to be a journalist, she said it really isn't a big deal. As long as you get internships and experience. It would be wise to develop multi-media skills, such as video editing, while in college. It is also very important to get internships and meet as many people as you can. You could send in resumes on websites all day long, but when someone that you've met recommends you for a journalist opening that one of his acquaintances is looking for, that is when you will get a job. Networking is key.

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