Publishing work online makes Wolf a journalist


Josh Wolf, despite the political and criminal opinions in his interview, is in my opinion a journalist. I believe this because he publishes work on the internet, and it is read by a wide margin of people worldwide despite having editors and other journalists proofreading his work, that he is a journalist.

The media seems to understand why he didn't turn the tape over to the San Francisco Police Department, seeing that he was just using it to show people a violent instance of police work that he would publish on a website. This in my opinion is no different than when police publish their videos from squad cars on television or the internet. The Society for Professional Journalists supported his decision by giving him the Journalist of the Year award, for upholding free and independent press. This was significant because it can influence any other journalists to look for these instances and report on them in a political way, but because the tape or work is yours, you don't necessarily have to give up your rights to be what is called a "snitch" for these protesters. I think that most, if not all journalists would cooperate with police officers if it were an appropriate decision for their material, but the reasoning for the imprisonment didn't seem to make much sense.

Maybe in the late 1990's, blogs might not have been a significant news contributor. But now that we are in 2010, blogs are a main resource when you want news material. Blogs are not generally reviewed by editors, but you can generally tell what is true in an article by searching the other blogs or news sites for confirmation on the issue. Blogs can also be a legitimate source of news because of their specialization on certain topics. The specialized blogs sometimes are good sources of preliminary research for a mainstream newspaper or newscast, as they tend to be updated frequently.

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