Students unsure who to support in governor's race


Minnesota's gubernational race is at its peak and many college students at the University of Minnesota Duluth and the College of St. Scholastica don't know who to vote for or why.

This year's election is not for a new president, although a few students shared their thoughts about change in the White House. Many were disappointment, but not towards their state representatives. "If I don't know them and if they don't stand for me and what I want I will not vote", says Zaynab Alwan, a CSS student.

"Since I don't know who is running in the election I don't plan on voting. I'm 19 -years-old and a lot of what I hear in politics doesn't affect me," said Savannah Caldwell, a UMD undergrad student studying criminology.

Caldwell was not the only student that was uninformed. Mary Cowen a UMD senior, voted for the first time in 2008; she said it is sad to admit she doesn't know who's running either.

Political science and international studies major Sam Simpson is a student organizer for Get Up- Minnesota said "If I wasn't a part of this campaign I wouldn't know who was who", said Simpson. "Being a part of Get Up- Minnesota has given me the resource that not every student has."

Get-Up Minnesota is a campaign ran by students, this campaign is not affiliate with any specific candidate. They educate fellow students about each of the candidates; Mark Dayton DFL candidate, Tom Emmer Republican candidate, and Tom Horner representing the independent party. Their goal is to distinguish what the need is for young voters and make sure candidates are fully representing the young population.

Although many students care about issues such as human rights, education, health care, and unemployment, they do not see how it affects their daily life. Many students at CSS and UMD that could, participated in the presidential election two years ago, but feel as though this election isn't as important.

To get voters voting, Simpson said, "I think knowledge and resources will spike the interest of students, the governor's race will impact us individually and the presidential race will help us work together as individuals."

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