Ulta brings high-end beauty products to Duluth


DULUTH, Minn.- The name Ulta does not really give people a hint to what is inside the new store that opened in the Miller Hill Mall on Oct. 25. But once inside, it is quite clear.

Ulta carries high-end beauty products, makeup, and perfume. Among the high-end brands are also drugstore brands that can be found in most stores, like Target or Wal-Mart. It also boasts an in-store salon and has hair items, candles and miscellaneous beauty items according to the store's website.

The opening was greatly anticipated because there is not a store of this nature in Duluth. "When I heard that Ulta was coming to Duluth, I was so stoked," said Ulta shopper and college student Katlyn Hildebrandt. "I love this store because I can get brands that I can't get anywhere else unless I order them online."

Ulta does not have a main competitor in the Duluth area, so the expected success is high for this location, according to store personnel. "There isn't a store like this for miles, so it's definitely been busy," said a manager.

The lack of competition does not mean that this store will not affect any others. Ulta is expected to take away sales from stores ranging from Target to Bath and Body Works to area salons. The changes are not expected to be drastic, though.

Hildebrandt said that she was not going to buy everything at Ulta. "I will come here when I want to spoil myself or for gifts for Christmas," she said.

Ulta was started in 1990 and has now grown to 356 stores in 38 different states since July 31, 2010, according to the official Ulta website. Ulta has a focus on their "5 E's." The E's include Education, Empowerment, Escape, Entertainment, and Esthetics. These sum up the main objective of the store.

Although Ulta is targeted at women, there were recently people of both genders and of all ages browsing the store. Shopper Jake DiSanto was browsing at the perfumes. "I needed to get a gift for my girlfriend and she was raving about how much she loved this new store, so I thought I would check it out."

So although beauty products may not be your main interest, you might find yourself in there. And take it from DiSanto, "This place has so many different items. I'm going to be in here for hours."

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