Volunteering for election interesting experience


On Tuesday November 2 I was a volunteer vote reporter for Northland's NewsCenter's election coverage.

After voting at my own polling place I went down to the station where they had pizza and pop waiting for the volunteers. Allison Wade took attendance, told us a little about what to expect, and then gave us our precinct assignments. I went to precinct 7 at the Glen Avon Presbyterian Church at 2105 Woodland Avenue.

When I got to the polling place I introduced myself to the judges and told them I was from a volunteer from channels 3 and 6. The judges were not as welcoming as I had been told. As instructed, I waited in the hall for about 45 min until they were ready to give out the results.

While waiting, I met a representative from Channel 10. I believe she said she is an editor and has reported precinct results many times before, and has never had to wait in the hallway. The judges called us in around 8:30pm and read us the results from the electronic ballot box. I wrote them down on the attached worksheet that the news station had given me. I then called the station and told them all my numbers.

Overall, it was a good experience. I learned more about how local news gets the results so quickly on election night. Before this, I didn't know that the different stations all sent out representatives - it seems like they could work together to save money to pay their workers. But I suppose they all want to be the fastest source of news.

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