We fight to establish identities, yet insist on anonymity


Humans are complicated.

We fight to establish our identities, yet insist on remaining anonymous.

Though I do not think the option to remain anonymous should vanish all together, I do think some revisions must be made.

I agree with Professor John Hatcher to a certain extent. If you want to say it, put your name next to it...depending on the circumstance.

Anonymity plays a crucial role in protecting those who fear retribution. If you have an honest, meaningful opinion on the topic, you should not be held back with worry that it may cause undue pain for you and your loved ones. By remaining anonymous, you are able to express your opinion with no worries.

However, if you only have a pointless comment aimed at harming someone, fess up and place a name with it. If you feel that strongly, you shouldn't hide behind "anonymous." Big talk requires big action.

So do we delete the option to remain anonymous?

I believe without the option to remain anonymous, people will not express their true opinions. Words will be guarded and lack feeling instead of free and passionate, and isn't that the beauty of anonymity?

That being said, I don't believe anonymity can ever be truly erased, only changed. Erasing anonymity will only give it a new name. Those who wish to remain anonymous will come up with a new name to hide behind.

Who says my real name is truly Annelyse Harrison? It could be a cover up to avoid placing my name with my opinion. Annelyse Harrison may be the new face of anonymity.

On the other end, allowing the abuse of anonymity will only decrease the chance of people continuing to read comments. Who wants to read comment after comment with no identity to place with it? It is the person behind the words that is so intriguing, not the words themselves.
What humanity needs is a compromise.

I propose a filtration system of sorts. If you allow the option to remain anonymous on your site, act as an editor. When comments by "anonymous" get out of hand, delete them. Do this and I believe we can solve the problem of Internet onslaught without losing the beauty of anonymity.

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