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I feel that yes, Josh Wolf is a journalist, but not the most conventional one. He is a blogger, which in my opinion, puts him at the bottom of the journalism food chain, however to me he is still a journalist. I understand how most people, like newspaper journalists, don't share my view. Even though he is out there capturing news like reporters, he doesn't have an editor or anyone to report back to or to organize thoughts with. Since he is a blogger he just "free-lances" it, and since that isn't traditional reporting, a lot of people frown at it.

Even though blogs are more free-lanced and less organized than papers, I think that blogs can be a good source to get the news. You have to keep in mind that it is opinionated, but as long as you can do that, you should be able to cipher though the facts and the opinions. I understand that most blogs are all opinion and ranting, however there are a few factual ones out there. Those to me are a legitimate source for news, as long as you stay just a tad skeptical. However in my opinion, you should stay skeptical with all news, whether it came from a blog or a newspaper. People are human and can make mistakes when it comes reporting.

I was surprised that it took the mainstream media so long to stand behind Wolf, but I understand their point. I agree with Wolf when he says they probably didn't think there was any danger until Wolf went to jail, than people realized that their 1st Amendment right was being taken away so they stepped up. That is my opinion anyway. People tend to stand back and let things happen until it begins to affect them personally. Which is why in my opinion, people can't let things just slid by. They need to pay attention and react appropriately.

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