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Citizens around the United States recognize November 2 as Election Day year after year, and on this day, many eager residents pile into the closest precincts to cast their vote. For Duluth citizens, many precincts were available throughout the city to cast votes for Minnesota governor and local positions within Duluth. Not only is Election Day a huge event in the political arena, but it is an exceptionally significant happening in the media world. For local broadcasting stations like Northland's Newscenter, the election means a long and hectic day not only the reporters at the station but also everyone else coordinating the newscast. Home to several news channels, Northland's Newscenter is relied on by many people throughout Duluth for up-to-date and instantaneous coverage of the election. As a volunteer at the station on Election Day, I was a part of the frenzy and hysteria that takes at not only broadcasting stations but also other media outlets when it comes to covering the election. What's more, I learned a great deal about both what happens on Election Day and how reporters at broadcasting stations cover these events.


On Tuesday November 2 I was a volunteer vote reporter for Northland's NewsCenter's election coverage.

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