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During Kristen Chick's 7 p.m. presentation on democracy promotion in the Middle East on Wednesday, Nov. 17, Chick discussed many topics that opened my eyes a little to the life of a foreign correspondant, but mostly the many complicated complexities that must be considered when dealing with international relations in non-democratic countries such as in the middle east.


Kristen Chick, a freelance journalist who resides in Egypt, spoke at UMD last Wednesday. She discussed what the job market is like for journalists, what she her job is, and advice for inspiring journalists.


I attended the evening presentation Kristen Chick gave about her experience promoting democracy in the Middle East.


Kristin Chick, a foreign correspondent and reporter for the Christian Science Monitor, gave an enlightening presentation Nov. 17 to a class of aspiring journalists on the opportunities available to young journalists.


When I heard what the title of the speaker's presentation was, Democracy Promotion in the Middle East, I had an idea in my head as to what she would be talking about. Then she started talking about Egypt, which is not the country I guessed she would. This presentation really gave me some good background and basic information on the relationships Egypt has. She had a lot more to say than basic information, but some of the issues she was talking about did not grab my attention


Foreign correspondent Kristin Chick, talked to a number of UMD students Wednesday concerning her decisions to work abroad for U.S. newspapers and life in Lebanon. Chick graduated from the University of Alabama with a bachelor degree in Journalism. On a whim, she purchased a ticket to Lebanon with a "promise" to work for a paper in Egypt. As for education background, Chick advises students interested in the journalism field, to major in a subject that interests them (i.e; political science, biology, criminology, etc) with a minor in journalism. "The background information you learn in college on specific majors will help your knowledge on the type of things you want to write about," Chick said.


Kristen Chick, the foreign correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor, gave a short talk to journalism and writing studies students at the University of Minnesota Duluth on Wednesday, Nov. 17. Chick is a freelance journalist and the foreign correspondent in Cairo for the Christian Science Monitor.


The lecture given Nov. 17 by foreign correspondent Kristen Chick, reporter for the Christian Science Monitor, was an enlightening and informative one. At this time, Chick works for the Christian Science Monitor, an international news organization, by covering current events in the areas of Egypt and the Middle East. Chick has a bachelor's degree from the University of Alabama, and she fluently speaks the Arabic language. To start her lecture, Chick explained how there are many opportunities for journalists when they work abroad. However, many young journalists do not think about working internationally because they have little interest in global politics. Furthermore, Chick explained that the job market in the United States is currently not doing well, and that many journalists should consider becoming a foreign correspondent. Because of the bad job market in the United States journalism industry, many media companies are looking for more correspondents to cover news in other countries. However, many journalists in the United States do not think about this option because it involves so many risks.


At first sight, Kristen Chick looks nothing like many might picture a foreign correspondent to be. The soft spoken, petite young woman from Alabama looked more like a college student than someone who just stepped off a plane from Cairo the day before her presentation at UMD. Shyly laughing and admitting that she still gets nervous before interviews, Chick talked all about her career in journalism in a helpful, realistic way that aspiring journalists could take a lot away from.


Journalist Kristen Chick, Cairo Christian Science Monitor correspondent, spoke about democracy promotion in the Middle East Wednesday evening in the UMD library rotunda. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a bachelor's degree in journalism. She covered the war between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006 and has also worked as a reporter for The Washington Times in Washington, D.C. She was a Fulbright scholar to Egypt and speaks Arabic. Chick has just returned to the United States from a trip to Egypt. During her presentation Wednesday she explored the effects of both administrations' approaches to democracy promotion in the Middle East.

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