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I believe that Josh Wolf is a journalist. You do not need any formal training to report an important event in the world. Wolf is considered a video blogger, which requires him to record videos and post them on his weblog. He took his camera out into the field and was able to record an important occurrence, which many people quickly became interested in. Wolf posted his video on the web, and it became news instantly. Some critics may say that Wolf is strictly a blogger, and there is no journalism or news reporting involved. I would disagree with these said critics. Journalism is about getting out there and finding a story and then presenting it to the world. Wolf did exactly that, he took the initiative to go out in the middle of a dangerous protest to get a story. He got his story, and posted it for the world to see, he did exactly what journalists do, but instead of writing about it, he let his video tell the story.


In my opinion I do not think Josh Wolf is a journalist. He had a blog and that is all. It states opinions more than news and he was not affiliated with any syndicated news outlet. He is a journalist in the sense that he wants to show the public events of certain things, but the view is slanted to get the right affect out of the crowd.

Legitimate source makes blogs credible


Josh Wolf is a journalist who was a video activist for several different protests and events. He refused to give up some footage he shot of a protest on July 8, 2005in San Francisco that caused a police officer to be injured. The judge sent him a subpoena to give up the footage and Wolf refused to comply. He remained in jail for 226 days. That's the longest a journalist has been held in jail for refusing to give up sources.


He went to great heights to protect his First Amendment freedoms and now 28-year-old blogger Josh Wolf is known as the longest-serving journalist behind bars for spending nearly 8 months in federal prison.


When Josh Wolf was imprisoned for failing to comply with a Federal subpoena demanding the release of video of riots at the G8 Summit in San Francisco, issues on both sides of the argument were quickly realized, if not acted upon. Some people in the journalistic community questioned the validity of the subpoena, while others wondered if Wolf fit the technical definition of a journalist as he claimed or if he was simply another blogger, and therefore not under California's shield law protection as other journalists would be.


Josh Wolf, which describes himself a journalist, wants to get the truth out there. Wolf was prison for his video footage of an anti-G8 summit protest in San Francisco in July 2005. The Federal government wanted the footage because it could have shown a police car being set on fire and other crimes during the protest. In addition, the protest caused an officer to be assaulted with a pipe. Wolf went to jail for almost eight months for refusing to give the government his video footage and testifying in front of a grand jury. The Federal believed they had every right to the footage considering Wolf even let local news stations use his footage.
Wolf was questioned whether he was an actual journalist. The government questioned Wolf as a journalist because he does not actually fit the definition. I believe the point of a journalist is to get the truth out, without being bias. He does not work for a formal news organization, but he does have a blog, where he puts videos and articles up. Wolf believes that a blog is a viable media in journalism if it gives actually news that is creditable and unbiased. In my opinion, I believe anyone that tries to get the truth out, no matter what the consequence, is a journalist.

Government had a right to Josh Wolf footage


While I understand that Wolf didn't hand over his footage of the demonstration in San Francisco because he wanted to stand up for his rights as a journalist, I believe that since there could have been evidence of crime he should have given the government his footage. If there wasn't a concern of crime on the video, Wolf would have been in the right.


After reading through the materials and information on Josh Wolf, I would have to say that he should not be considered a journalist. To call him a journalist would be saying that anyone who posts pictures, video, or information on the internet is a journalist. This then could mean that anyone who has a Facebook page or Twitter account could be considered a journalist, which is not true. On the Wikipedia page, it said that Wolf is currently attending journalism school at UC Berkeley. This shows that he wants to get accredited as a legitimate journalist and wants the title too.

Josh Wolf technically not a journalist


DULUTH, Minn.- On August 1, 2006 a controversial arrest of a journalist was made for withholding evidence in the form of a videotape, yet the controversy lies not in the tape but was this man a journalist?


Josh Wolf is a journalist because he reports news, plain and simple. You don't need a journalism degree to be a journalist just as you don't need a writing degree to be a writer. Wolf recognizes himself as a transparent journalist in that his biases are on the table, unlike mainstream media. It is impossible to remain truly unbiased, a criticism of Walter Cronkite by Pat Buchanan.


After capturing chilling video of a police officer choking a protester in 2005, Josh Wolf was sent to jail for not giving up the footage, and even after that, his dedication to journalism doesn't cease.


Josh Wolf is a 24-year-old independent journalist and video blogger who spent more than 7 months behind bars in California, which is the longest time any U.S. journalist has served in the prison for protecting source materials.


I thought that Josh Wolf's story was a very interesting one in that he went to jail for a video tape that he would not give up to authorities although, according to him it had no incriminating evidence on it.

Josh Wolf upholds journalistic integrity


After reading about Josh Wolf, a journalist who was given the longest jail sentence yet in the U.S. for not releasing his sources, I respect Josh very much for his decision to uphold his journalistic integrity.

Does blogger equal journalist?


SAN FRANCISCO - After 226 days in federal prison, video blogger Josh Wolf, confined for refusing to turn over evidence, was released on April 3, 2007.


Former journalist and video reporter, Joshua Wolf, was a former journalist after being incarcerated for editing clips of a 2005 San Francisco protest event. Wolf served 226 days in Dublin, California for editing clips of the event and posting them on the internet for viewers everywhere.


An American journalist named Josh Wolf was put into prison for 226 days. Aug. 1, 2006 was his first day in prison and then he was released Sept. 1 due to bail, but the bail was revoked and he was back on Sept. 22. After spending the time in jail, he was finally released on April 3, 2007.

Wolf doesn't think it pays to obey


Is Josh Wolf a real journalist?

First impression of a journalist who spent 8 months in prison which is longer than any other journalist in U.S. history has served for protecting source materials. Josh Wolf, former freelance journalist, blogger and photographer just happen to be in the right place at the right time when he recorded footage that may show a San Francisco squad car being set on fire. This immediately sparked the feds attention and sent Josh Wolf into a burning ring of fire.
Wolf denied that he recorded arson on his videotape and hoped to receive protection under California's shield law, which protects those who have unpublished materials. When being interview by Time Wolf said, "If you try to assert your human rights, your basic constitutional rights, which we should have under law, you will be punished unmercifully."


Josh Wolf, despite the political and criminal opinions in his interview, is in my opinion a journalist. I believe this because he publishes work on the internet, and it is read by a wide margin of people worldwide despite having editors and other journalists proofreading his work, that he is a journalist.


The imprisonment of American journalist Joshua Wolf by a Federal district court due to resistance in turning over a collection of videotapes demonstrates how unjust and self-absorbed the federal government has become in recent years, especially when dealing with journalistic issues in the United States.

Wolf unconventional journalist


I feel that yes, Josh Wolf is a journalist, but not the most conventional one. He is a blogger, which in my opinion, puts him at the bottom of the journalism food chain, however to me he is still a journalist. I understand how most people, like newspaper journalists, don't share my view. Even though he is out there capturing news like reporters, he doesn't have an editor or anyone to report back to or to organize thoughts with. Since he is a blogger he just "free-lances" it, and since that isn't traditional reporting, a lot of people frown at it.

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