Story Ideas


Working in teams, students are developing story ideas for class on September 26.


Matt and Laura (Sidewalks story)

1. Follow up at City Council meeting.
2. Talk to city planners to see if they are going to implement these in other areas.
3. Story about where the idea of the new sidewalks came from.
4. Talk to citizen effected by the new sidewalk.
5. Research other cities that have installed these types of sidewalks and see how it has helped and or hurt.

Story ideas:
1. The first plane that Cirrus ever built.
2. About the company - how they got started.
3. How they designed the plane - in detail
4. About the pilot who flew it.
5. Other specialty planes that have been produced by Cirrus and no one else.

Julie and Luke

Alex Leone & Nathan K

Sporty design marks 5,000th Cirrus plane
Duluth-based Cirrus Aircraft is celebrating a major milestone of making its 5,000th airplane.

Follow up stories:

See if they have any plans to expand their plane manufactoring plant/jobs.

Talk with Duluth International Airport to see if they use/own any of the planes and if they might use them in the future.

Follow up on who might actually have the money to buy such an item at this point and time in the economy and for what purposes.

Follow up story to Cloquet woman jumping in front of train Friday.

1.Security around train tracks
2.How railroad personnel responded to the incident
3.Suicide prevention
4.How the community is reacting to the incident
5.Similar incidents/circumstances of deaths by train

by Nate Levendoski, Heather Pope

1. "Hunter's acccount". Opinion of the events that took place surrounding the disappearance.
2. Recap of how Hope became famous and how her disappearance affects her followers
3. DNR Explanation of rules and regulations pertaining to the hunting of designated research wildlife
4. Series examining Lynn Rogers', work studying bears and whether or not he is producing valuable information or interfering with wildlife
5. Acccount of Ely's reaction. How have they coped with the disappearance/possible death of Hope?

Madiha Mirza & Maeggie Licht
Story Ideas on Dr. Konasiewicz & The Duluth News Tribune defamation suit

1. Contact the Corpus Christi hospital where Konasiewicz is currently working and get their reaction to the current lawsuits against him.

2. Investigate to find out if any of Dr. Konasiewicz's Texas patients have reported harm.

3. Contact Duluth News Tribune and St. Luke's attorneys about the defamation suit.

4. Contact Dr. Konasiewicz's Duluth patients who suffered harm under his care. Question them about their view of the defamation suit-- whether or not they think it's justified.

5. Contact the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice about their three pending suits. Contact the Texas Board of Medical Practice/the Corpus Christi hospital about what they saw on his records before hiring him.

Brady, Holly, Dash
Bayfield Casino
- How it will affect tourism to the Bayfield area
- How it will affect Bayfield area's awareness of Red Cliff band
- Does it take away from local, family atmosphere?
- Profile of casino manager and how the small to big transition will affect the community and business
- How the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community has helped other tribes

Alexa McIndoe
Jenae Peterson

Duluth woman faces drug charges after hiding cocaine in her underwear.

1. How do bail bonds work?
2. What are the statistics of women carrying or getting arrested with drugs compared to men.
3. How often are there big drug busts from a routine traffic stop.
4. Is there a new drug demand on Cocaine, or are there other drug related crimes that have been going on?
5. How often are couples involved in arrests together, and does the importance of having children let them have a lesser bail.
6. What were Jerome and Harveys's past crimes which caused the illegal possession of a gun?

Rebecca M. and Zach H.
Follow up stories to Dr. Stefan Konasiewicz's case
1.) Compare malpractice suits in Duluth to other local or national hospitals.
2.) Detail the libel case between the DNT and St. Luke's.
3.) Interview people who have settled outside of court to avoid malpractice suits against St. Luke's.
4.) Do a profile of the woman who was killed by Dr. Konasiewicz. (i.e. the effects on her family)
5.) Get a reaction from other doctors or professionals working at St. Luke's.

Tom and Jarred
Babbitt fire

1. See what city plans to do to accommodate senior citizens while they wait for the store to rebuild.

2. Work on finding cause of fire. When the last inspection by fire marshal? Did the building have issues?

3. Is there another pharmacy nearby? Will somebody else build another pharmacy on that spot?

4. The store had 26 employees. Some of them may be able to get work at other Zup's stores. How did the loss of the store affect them? Do they have to move or travel far to keep their jobs?

5. Update on the mobile grocery store. What products will they offer and how will the store work?

Kendra and Olivia

A Wisconsin cemetery grounds superintendent went to court today after being accused of stealing a $2,000 guitar from the casket of a man who had recently died. The suspect was overheard saying that the guitar was "too expensive to be found in a crypt". The man who overheard him looked in the casket the next morning and saw that the guitar was missing. Officers found the guitar in the man's home and it was buried with its owner in an interior mausoleum.

Five story ideas:
-Follow up on the man's criminal charges and work consequences.
-Story on the odds/regularity of grave-robbing in the area.
-The family's reaction to the theft.
-The man's relationship with the guitar/why it was there in the first place.
-Odd things that people have been buried with in the past.

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