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NIH Public Access Policy and Author's Rights

Today I was happy to present at the School's Research Seminar series on the issue of the new NIH Public Access Policy and how this affects you as a published author of peer-reviewed journal articles.

The NIH Public Access Policy begins April 7, 2008. The policy makes it mandatory for all authors of research results, that are the result of NIH funding and published as a peer-reviewed journal article to submit their final, peer-reviewed manuscript into the NIH's online repository, PubMed Central.

Previously, this had been done on a voluntary basis, but in the interests of making this research publicly accessible to all, Congress added a provision in the law to make this a mandatory requirement.The article will be available in PubMed Central 12 months after the original publication date in the journal.

Please take a few minutes to look over my Power Point presentation from today. After today's session, I clarified a few points so for those of you who were present, it contains slightly expanded information.

As always, I'm happy to consult with you about this issue directly via email, or you may direct specific questions to this address: nihpublicaccess@umn.edu


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