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New Attachment Feature in RefWorks

As of March 20, the “Attachments? option has been enabled for all University of Minnesota RefWorks accounts. The attachment feature enables users to attach files to their references in their personal database, much like attaching files to an email message. The incorporation of this feature allows users to upload files to existing references stored within their RefWorks database. With the availability of this feature RefWorks users can instantly save and retrieve all forms of data within their database including BMP, TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, and much more.

A few things to know:
· Default storage space setting is 100MB, per account.
· Additional space can be allocated on an account-by-account basis up to a maximum of 200MB per account. We are working with RefWorks to remove these limitations and expect some improvements with the August 2008 release of the software. Contact medref@umn.edu about increasing the space allocation for a particular account.
· There is no limitation on the number of attachments allowed per account or per record.
· A current maximum of 5MB limit per attachment is set, although we are working with RefWorks to address this limitation.
· As of now there is not a way to do a batch export of attachments, so if you want to get the attachments to a different account you’ll need to download each file individually. This is something to keep in mind if you anticipate wanting to move all your references to a different reference management program.

Contact the Reference Desk if you have any questions: 612-626-3260 or medref@umn.edu


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