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PubMed redesign now available to preview

PubMed, the web interface to the MEDLINE database, is about to undergo a design upgrade.

You can now preview the new look of PubMed at: http://preview.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed

This is just a redesign, functionally PubMed will work the same. However, there are some big differences here.I think the biggest change with the redesign on first glance is that the tabs for Limits, Preview/Index, History, and Details are now gone. These are now in the Advanced Search section.

Likewise, the links to the left of the screen, the PubMed Services such as Single-Citation Matcher are now on the new homepage under PubMed Tools.

Take a look and see how you like the redesign. No firm date on when this is coming, PubMed may role it out in sections, rather than in one big unveiling.



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