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September 26, 2005

Access to NY Times Op/Ed articles

Do you enjoy reading the op/ed features in the New York Times, but can't imagine paying extra for these articles via the Times Select subscription? You can still have access to these articles via our subscription to LexisNexis Academic. Here's the steps:

1. Go to the main libraries web site at: http:/www.lib.umn.edu/
2. At the heading called 'Indexes and Databases A-Z' click on the letter 'L'
3. Scroll down to the page and click on the link for LexisNexis Academic
4. Click on the link called 'Sources' (located on the top of the page within the black banner)
5. Type New York Times in the search box and click the Find Title buton
6. Click on the link called 'Search This Title'
7. Under the 'Step Three: Enter Search Terms" box, change the drop-down menu to Author and type in the name of your favorite NY Times Op/Ed author. (Examples: Brooks, Dowd, Friedman, Herbert, Kristof, Krugman, Rich, Tierney)
8. Click on the Search button


September 22, 2005

Chronicle of Higher Ed now available online

The University Libraries has now licensed a campus-wide subscription to the Chronicle of Higher Education. You can find the link on the main library web site. Once you are on the page, just look for the link to the left called "New Resource: Chronicle of Higher Education."