December 3, 2007

New resource on dental informatics

The Dental Informatics Online Community is a new online resource for exploring the field of dental informatics. The DIOC is a project of the University of Pittsburgh, School of Dental Medicine.

There are some good overview resources here, as well as the opportunity to become a member and find others who are interested in dental informatics.

June 1, 2007

Web-Based Oral Health Curriculum

The National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center at Georgetown University, and the Center for the Advancement of Distance Education, University of Illinois at Chicago have produced an online curriculum entitled, Special Care: An Oral Health Professional's Guide to Service Young Children with Special Health Care Needs.

This curriculum is appropriate for dentists and dental hygienists (or students) and covers the following topics:

-An Overview of Children with Special Health Care Needs and Oral Health
-Providing Optimal Oral Health Care
-Oral Health Supervision
-Prevention of Oral Disease
-Behavior Management

This curriculum is available here

March 7, 2007

Resources for Clinicians

The Bio-Medical Library subscribes to many electronic resources that may be of interest to clinicians. Granted, most of these focus on clinical medicine but there are areas of coverage for dental topics.

One of these resources is called InfoPoems.

InfoPoems is a product that is designed to answer clinical medicine topics at the point of care. An InfoPOEM is a synopsis and evaluation of a research study applicable to clinical practice. Editors review more than 1,200 studies monthly, presenting only the best as InfoPOEMs. Use InfoRetriever to simultaneously search the InfoPOEMS database and 6 other evidence-based practice resources, including 5-Minute Clinical Consult, Cochrane, Practice Guidelines, and more. You can also download InfoRetriever to your PDA (although at this time, there are problems with the PDA download process).

Another resource with dental topics is called EviDents/. EviDents is web site that does real-time PubMed searches with a focus on the best practices in dentistry.

The Bio-Medical Library has a web site with links to other subscribed resources for clinicians. Visit our clinicians page at:

February 8, 2006

New Dental E-Books Available

The Bio-Medical Library has added two important dental textbooks to its collection of electronic books in StatRef. They are:

Burket's oral medicine, diagnosis and treatment (10th ed., 2003)
Primary preventive dentistry (6th ed., 2004)

StatRef can be accesed via these steps:

1. Go to our homepage at:
2. Click on the link called, "Biomedsearch: article indexes & digital resources"
3. Click on the "connect" link for StatRef

Once you are in StatRef you can either search by a keyword across all of the texts, or use the Advanced Search to search within a particular book(s).

I'd love to hear from you if you have any concerns/comments/questions about this new resource.