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Search Camp 8/8/07: Clinical Question

Hello campers,

We'll just be doing one question in Wednesday's session (during the first part of the reference meeting). Here's the case:

A previously healthy 8 year old with a history of wheezing comes in with back pain and a recent cough. A chest x-ray reveals a chest mass.

-Look for resources on differential diagnosis of back pain in a child, or anything else you think might be useful in this case.
-The diagnosis was Ewing's sarcoma. Look for overviews/reviews of Ewing's sarcoma (diagnosis, treatment,
prognosis, etc.). Also, look for some good patient-level information on Ewing's sarcoma that the physicians could share with the family.

Let me know if you have any questions. See you Wednesday at 10:00 in 555!


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