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September 23, 2009

Search questions 9/23/09

1. I am teaching a course about research dissemination issues in nursing. I am trying to find 8-10 articles that address issues/controversies about systematic reviews or meta-analyses (related to health sciences if possible) re: their influence on clinicians and possible bias (in articles included, conclusions, etc.). I have one article that is partly about this topic by I Chalmers and B Haynes in BMJ 1994; 309; 862-865. I was looking for more recent articles too.

2. I am trying to write a paper on intra-uterine devices (IUDs). Why do people choose IUD over other forms of birth control? What are the positives and consequences? What kinds of people can use it and what kinds of people can't? I am kind of stuck. I am not sure how to go about searching. When I go in to search I get very specific things and it is confusing me like crazy as I am trying to get my paper started. Please help.