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September 21, 2011

Search Camp 9/21/11

For my project, I am working on an intervention to improve primary care services for children with autism. I am starting over right now, and as a part of my needs assessment, I was hoping to find literature regarding how much parents of developmentally typical children retain from a pediatrician/NP/PA/etc. and compare that with what is retained from a visit for a behaviorally challenged child. My search strategies have come up with very little regarding what is retained/remembered.

It can be anything: immunizations, screening/testing, anticipatory guidance, medication instructions, referrals, follow-up plan. We are looking at both well-child and acute (ill) visits. What we have observed is that parents do not always completely retain/understand what they are being told by the provider in a typical office visit. When we have a child with autism or other behavioral disorders, they are frequently trying to run out of the room, stand on the tables, get the parent's attention, lay on the floor, etc. This must be distracting enough to affect understanding/retention, but I am unable to find any research related to primary care.

I have found some information related to parental stress in children with behavioral disorders, so that is not an issue. What I was hoping to find is something on information retention, either for children with ASD or for neurotypical children. Perhaps there is nothing out there . . .