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From the GMR: NLM Black and White MeSH feedback requested

NLM is interest in receiving feedback on the questions below from NN/LM Network libraries. Responses should be sent to Stuart Nelson (nelsonst@mail.nih.gov) by Friday, August 17. Thanks!

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is contemplating discontinuing the printing of the Black and White MeSH, once known as the Supplement to the Index Medicus.

The printing costs are considerable given that there are less than 300 purchases of the book worldwide. NLM is interested in hearing responses to the questions below as part of deciding whether to discontinue the printing.

1. Have you been receiving the Black and White MeSH?
2. If so, under what circumstances is it being used?
3. Do you know of anyone who would be inconvenienced by its discontinuance?
4. Are users aware of the three electronic versions of MeSH that are
freely available?

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